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Our Story

Peculiar beginnings.

While many foodservice outfits follow the pattern of putting up a restaurant that would subsequently give rise to catering business, the birth of Republic of Cavite Restaurant took place in reverse pattern. Town’s Delight The Caterer was founded in 1974 by Cecilia “Mama Cel” del Rosario Pacumio who was a well-loved culinary matriarch of Tanza, Cavite. From a humble local restaurant, Town’s Delight flourished into one of the major players in the country’s food catering industry, and by the turn of the century the catering outfit has grown significantly as a respectable catering services company esteemed for its gastronomy and its trend-setting events styling capabilities

It was around that time that Town’s Delight was approaching its enterprise midlife, and the owners were intensely engrossed with the idea of giving back something to the community in gratitude for its vigorous and enduring patronage and support, thus far. Under the leadership of the second-generation entrepreneur, Andrew Pacumio who took over as President, Town’s Delight hatched the idea of putting up a restaurant as a natural offshoot of its 27 years of intensive catering services experience.

But more than a mere physical showcase of culinary masterpieces, Republic of Cavite Restaurant was conceived out of a patriotic desire to put up a culinary and historical landmark that the Caviteños would take pride in. It was thus designed to be a place where local foodies and visiting guests can discover, relish and be proud of the original Caviteño cuisines that draw inspirations from significant, historic events, and are intended to pay homage to key historical personages of major contributions in shaping the province and the nation as a whole.

Celebrate Life. Reminisce History.

Cavite Republic has been the ultimate choice when hard-work turns to successes and when smiles are meant to be shared. It’s a place where we feel more of life. Throughout the years, we have witnessed endless laughter and joy all over the place, and we will whole-heartedly continue to deliver that bliss we impart to our valued guests.

Immerse yourself in historical figures and photographs of Cavite while sipping coffee locally sourced from Amadeo. From our rustic decors, down to the warm overall feel of our dining facilities, our architectural landscape will surely entice history aficionados. Augmented by warm lights and classical music, Cavite Republic ensures a cozy feel all throughout your stay.

Lastly, it’s all about great food. Cavite Republic offers classical dishes prepared using modern techniques. We take pride of what we do, and we love to impart that to you. Only the best ingredients reach our pantry — no fillers, no substandard element, just absolute best.

If there’s something to smile about, share it with family and friends here at Cavite Republic. We promise to make you feel at home every time you dine. Kain na!


Our Trademark Dishes

Lihim ni Lola has been featured in TV and in major online communities. We cant wait for you to try it!

Our best seller for years. We only use the best ingredients possible in this dish. Made out of premium cuts of beef and tripe, paired with traditional flavors thart are in season.

A minaiture pinoy delicacy you must have. The perfect amount of meat and vegetable in a sweet and savory crust. This dish started from the roots of Mama Cel, the founder of Town’s Delight Catering & Events, which then kept a culinary legacy for generations.